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How Music Can Be Beneficial During Meditation

Many people who haven’t tried mediation think that it is difficult to meditate. Maybe these people were discouraged about mediation when they saw women wearing leotards performing difficult body postures. Thankfully, mediation can be easy at some point.

Yoga or meditation can be of different types. Different types of yoga have different focus and aim, such as some yoga are more in the physical body while some are more spiritual and mental in nature. Therefore, the body twisting and bending that we see on pictures is just a type of yoga and if you can’t do it, then you can find other types that will suit to you. If a particular type of mediation seems unconformable to you, you are free to find another type that you think is easy.

Music is one of the best aid so that performing yoga will be easy and comfortable. One of the common type of music used for yoga is the new age music. The music that can be used for yoga can vary from rhythm, texture, and many more. If you’re new to meditation, we suggest that you choose a type of music that is of atmospheric type but not very busy. The purpose for this is to put you in a relaxed and calm mode and to limit distractions that could put your mind off from your meditation.

You can find an upright chair to sit on, then you can choose whether you prefer your hands to face upward or downward. During mediation, you can light candles and/or you can put an incense because it is an aid to make the meditation more spiritual. For music, you may use a headphone if the nearby areas are very noisy, so that you can stay focus and calm. Once the music started, free your mind from any thoughts that can take away your focus from your meditation. You can be more focus if you close your eyes. After you become comfortable and relaxed, you can then try simple breathing techniques. The first thing you can do is to breath deeply and don’t release it yet. After that, calmly release your breath, and repeat the process. Repeat this as long as you want, and if you notice that your mind strays, focus on the lighted candle. If you prefer, you can utter a word as you do the steps in away that you will feel the presence of God. You can utter words such as God, peace, or other words that you prefer.

You can do this method as you deem is essential. Now, you must have realized that meditation is not as complex as others say about it, and you can learn and perform it on your own with the aid of candles, incense and music.

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