Lumitea LLC Announces The Company’s Official Registration As A Business Entity

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(Aventura, FL)—According to a 2002 World Health Organization report, proper nutrition, frequent exercise, and mental balance can help people avoid potentially life-threatening chronic diseases. The WHO’s findings insisted that nutrition in particular continues to be a “major modifiable determinant” of chronic disease, which means that there is strong scientific evidence supporting the notion that changing one’s diet and eating and drinking the right things can lead to a longer, healthier life.

It is with these findings in mind that Lumitea, a leading provider of detox tea blends, is announcing their official registration as a Limited Liability Company. This new designation will allow Lumitea LLC to better serve the customers who regularly rely on their products. Lumitea is committed to providing only the best detox teas that will truly help people on their health journey.

Tamy, a representative of Lumitea LLC, stated “The World Health Organization pinpoints chronic diseases as a major problem across the world. Specifically, they cite poor nutrition, a lack of physical activity, and the absence of mental balance as huge contributors to the problem. Fortunately, Lumitea’s products can help people in their quest to keep chronic disease at bay. At, we offer tea blends that cleanse, and refresh the body, fighting and flushing out the toxins from poor food choices that can contribute to illness and disease. Our teas contain natural herbs and are packed with vitamins and minerals that can boost energy and metabolism speed, giving a person exactly what they need to sustain physical activity and mental balance.”

Tamy goes on to say, “What our company’s registration as an LLC does is help us better serve the customers who need what we have to offer. It will help us build a new level of trust with our customers as we continue on in our commitment to enrich people’s lives. Everyone can rest assured that we’re here to stay and that we’ll be able to continue to provide them with detox tea blends that will help them achieve their health and wellness goals.”

“The World Health Organization may consider chronic disease a worldwide epidemic, but that doesn’t mean that people have to sit back and let it happen to them. Purchasing one of our tea blends can be the first step for a person who want to take control of their health and bring better overall balance to the body. Every day Lumitea strives to do better and help our customers do the same, and we believe that registering as an LLC is one of the best ways for us to make sure that we never stop moving toward excellence, both in health and in business.”

About Lumitea LLC:

Lumitea LLC started from a very simple and humble wish: the company owners wanted to use the power of tea to help people shine. They are a dedicated team of tea gurus who have traveled the world to discover and bring together some of the most powerful superfoods and herbs on the planet, brewing them into six power blends. The health benefits instilled by these all-natural blends are borderline magical. Whether it’s for weight loss, stress relief, or boosting energy, Lumitea LLC’s mission is to give tea drinkers the perfect natural blends to help them on the road to a more enriching lifestyle.

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