My Love Affair With A Massage Therapist In Hong Kong

parašė , 2016-10-05 05:19

Hong Kong massage services are know throughout the world. They are the stuff of legends and many male visitors to China come seeking their special style of massage therapy. The tourist that comes in search of a woman who knows the tantric arts, often is naive to the reality that such practitioners are full of wisdom, wit and almost magical skills. The sight seer does not realize, that a true tantric therapist knows more than the martial arts relative to massage. By her very presence, she can awaken your body and mind to energies that you never knew before. Sometimes a visitor gets more than they bargained on, I was one of those individuals.

Most men are only looking for a sensual massage, the typical outcall massage Hong Kong girls specialize in giving gentlemen in town on business. When asking for an appointment, the caller must have an address or hotel room, where they are staying. Usually the information is taken down over the phone, then a quick call back is made to verify the caller’s appointment. A short time later, the massage therapist arrives at their location and both parties get comfortable. After a few minutes, the session can begin. 

My search for an appointment was a little different. Since I wasn’t sure what outcall agencies would come to my hotel suite, I opted for calling a personal advertisement placed by a locally mobile independent massage service. It turned out that the service was actually run by a young lady, who worked for herself in the area. She was polite on the phone and even spoke my native language, so I quickly agreed to having her come to my suite right away. 

My expectations were far exceeded, as a vision of loveliness walked into my hotel suite. Her presence was strong and energetic, only surpassed by her natural beauty. She explained to me, that what we would be experiencing together is unique. Each person she works with has their own special needs and that all men are different, so she treats every session with care for the individual. She told me that my needs were all that was important, then she undressed.

She was well trained in the tantric massage Hong Kong girls have made famous. Her hands wove a spell across my skin and made my body tingle. As I closed my eyes, she gently brought new life and energy into my tired body. I had no idea how much stress I was holding inside of me, but it began to release in waves with her hands guiding it outward. She worked my body vigorously, every motion unearthing new found pulsations and soon I found myself filled with emotional responses. From deep within me, a swirling rush of energy was coming to the surface, ready to explode. 

Using the ways know best in the tantric arts, she brought me back to a calming stage by moving her hands up towards my heart. She repeated a series of movements with her hands over my body, bringing forth the swirling rush of energy and just as explosion felt immanent, then she would bring my body back to a relaxed state. This went on several times more, until I could no longer hold myself back. She knew this by my convulsions and made herself ready by grasping me hard, as I peaked then released all my inner tensions in one orgasmic burst. 

Afterwards, I knew that her gifts were more than merely therapeutic. I also knew that I wanted more of what we had experienced together, much more. So I asked if I might see her again. She agreed and I took her business card, which is how this story ends, but not really.

My love affair with a massage therapist in Hong Kong is still on going. I see her every time my travels take me to the Hong Kong region. If you are looking for an experience that is both sensually stimulating and mind altering, then tantric massage might be for you. The legends of Hong Kong massage services maybe true, all I know for sure is that I met a young woman that has made me a believer.

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