Interview With a Tantric Massage Therapist

parašė , 2016-10-01 13:19

Today on my travels in Hong Kong, I come across a young girl who lives and works in the city of Hong Kong.  She is a young girl who has finished school and works as a massage therapist in the center of this beautiful town.  Tantric massage Hong Kong is a popular activity and pastime here, and this outcall massage Hong Kong massage therapist works for the reputable Hong Kong Massage Services.  The following is a Q & A interview that I conducted with this massage therapist yesterday afternoon at her home:   Interviewer:  How do you like living and working in Hong Kong?   Hong Kong Services Massage Therapist:  I love it.  This is the job that I always wanted, and I love being able to work with people everyday in my favorite city in the world, Hong Kong.  This is where my family and friends live, and I can have this amazing job-that’s lucky!  I have made a lot of connections and friends this way, through my work, too.  I have even fallen in love a few times. (She giggles)   Interviewer:  That’s great.  I know I love Hong Kong myself.  What kind of training did you have to do to become a Hong Kong Massage Therapist?   Hong Kong Services Massage Therapist:  Yes, well, I started my training three years ago.  It is an intensive training course that you must go through to become a professional therapist.  I did the training with my best friend.  We had lots of classes and courses, and then we trained on real people with our teachers helping us.  We had a lot of fun.   Interviewer:  Do you recommend outcall massage Hong Kong and tantric massage Hong Kong such as to others who are visiting Hong Kong on vacation?   Hong Kong Services Massage Therapist:  Yes, of course!  Some people who have gotten the massages have even told me that their massages have been their favorite part of their visits to Hong Kong!   Interviewer:  That is wonderful!  Thank you for your time today.   Hong Kong Services Massage Therapist:  Thank you!

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