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The Benefits of Detox Tea All throughout the natural health industry there are so many options and choices for detoxification. On the other hand, you can’t be overly confident that what you’re taking as detox can in fact harm you. Fortunately, detox tea is safe for you. But don’t get us wrong; drinking detox tea alone does not give you instant good health. In fact you may even be risking yourself to health hazards if you don’t combine it with a balanced and healthy diet. Purpose of Detoxification The liver plays the most important role in detoxifying your body from the harmful elements it consumes. So when the liver isn’t able to function the way it is supposed to, the body will be bombarded with so many external pollutants that will have to be expelled. For you to help your liver perform normally, you need to do detoxification so that it won’t become clogged. Without your help, the liver will eventually give in and result to serious health problems like increased risk of cancer, brain dysfunction, hormonal imbalance, and cirrhosis.
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The best and most proven detoxification method so far is eating a set of good food composed of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Yet you can include anything that’s not organic, including fats, refined carbs, sugar, and caffeine. Also, detoxification will have to include high fiber types of food and sufficient amount of liquid or fluids. How About Detox Tea? A lot of experts agree that drinking detox tea is a conservative yet effective way to detoxify your body. But it won’t be working alone. Understand that it has to be effectively combined with a well-balanced diet. Detox tea’s highlight ingredient is antioxidants. There is also those that are specially formulated to help improve the function of the liver as well as support the different digestive organs. There are actually two existing theories about the wonders of detox tea, from the traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and the Indian Ayervedic system of medicine. Both theories rely on the belief that herbal supplements will promote the healthy function of the organs of the body. Digestion Benefits Majority of detox teas are made up of a combination of different herbs, which in turn are proven to promote good digestion. Drinking it will correspond to body cleansing and the elimination of waste inside the digestive system. The best way to extract the benefits of detox tea is to steep it slowly for about two minutes. Your body will then react to it as you may experience cramping or minor diarrhea. But you shouldn’t worry because those are normal bodily responses. When you feel like your digestive system has fully adjusted, it’s about time to increase steeping time to five minutes. But don’t forget to increase your water consumption when you are drinking detox tea so as to prevent dehydration.

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