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The Game of Golf: Taking a Look at History Many if not all popular sports today has some origins in earlier games, even dating back hundreds or thousands of years. Golf is no exception. While we’ve been playing it with an established set of rules and guidelines today, the game in its entirety has seen quite an evolution. Scholars and historians agree that the modern game of golf originally was seen first in the 1400s in Britain. But it’s quite interesting to know that the game was actually outlawed by two Scottish kings, James II and James IV. The reason at that time was that playing the game became an excuse for men not to join military training. Anyway, James IV couldn’t really hide the fact that he too loved the sport. Thanks to the peace agreement between England and Scotland in the 1500s, the sport become rapidly popular in the two nations. The Role of the Elite
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The popularity of the sport in Britain and eventually the rest of the European continent is partly attributed to the interest of the ruling class. For instance, Mary, the Queen of Scots played it while calling her students who carried her clubs as “cadets.” According to some historians, the modern golf term “caddie” came from that term Mary used. It was then James II who successfully organized the very first international match for the game of golf between England and Scotland.
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Equipment Used If there was one good reason why golf was not popular among the lower class, it was because the golf ball was very expensive at that time. The golf ball was rightfully expensive because it was made of leather and feather material. Also, they were quite difficult to produce. Fortunately, prices eventually went down by the mid-18th century. Golf clubs for their part were made using materials that are still preferred these days, namely wood and iron. However, the way clubs were used in golf’s early history is very different to that of how we use them today. The original purpose of irons was to use them for getting out of tough spots like ditches and ruts and nothing else. Therefore, you don’t often see them used for approaches. Woods on the other hand are used for the major parts of the game. The Game in America Many historians contend that the game only arrived in America by the end of the 18th century. The northeastern portion of the country became the hotbed for golf when it arrived. Though already known by many, it wasn’t as successful because the next century saw the breakout of the American Civil War. Fortunately, the end of the civil war brought about renewed interest in sports, including golf among others.

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