The History Behind Sea Glass

parašė , 2017-02-01 16:15

I love collecting sea glass. I don’t know exactly why, but I love it. I grew near the beach and have many wonderful childhood memories being at the beach. I also love what I call “digging in the dirt”. I actually love history and wanted to be an archaeologist when I was young. I guess that sea glassing encompasses both these things!

Along with the search for the treasure, sometimes there is a wonderful history lesson too. I’ve found pieces of bottles that are embossed that I’ve been able to identify (with the help of information on the internet). I have also found pottery pieces that have enough intact hallmarks on them that I can identify their manufacturer and year of manufacture. One piece I have is over one hundred eighty years old!

I have some very rare pieces of black glass. This glass is pre 1900 according to sea glass expert Richard LaMotte. The place where I have glassed has been rich in finds over the years. Not every piece of sea glass has to be a perfectly polished gem.

 I enjoy making lovely jewelry out of the perfect pieces of sea glass but I also enjoy using bits and pieces of what I call sea glass artifacts. These pieces have real history and make the most unique jewelry. You can click here to find my one of a kind handmade jewelry.

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