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A Guide to Natural Sleep Aids If you don’t want to poison yourself with sleeping pills and drugs and have issues falling asleep, you may want to consider a natural sleeping aid. Read further to find out how to get your sleeping back on track. Why are you having trouble sleeping? Before you do anything else, take a look at your daily routine. Right off the bat you may be able to see some things that could be creating your sleep issues. Does stress have a large role in your life? Is junk food playing a larger role in your diet? Did you start a new medication? These factors could play into your lack of sleep.
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Below are three different things you can do to help your sleep pattern:
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Don’t eat too close to bedtime. You really need a good deal of time to digest your food. The ideal thing to do is to stop eating four hours before bed. Limit your caffeine intake. Many of the drinks you have throughout the day are full of caffeine. A good rule of thumb is to avoid soft drinks, tea and coffee after lunch. Limit the television and video games that you enjoy before going to bed. Gaming and watching television are two things that are much too stimulating for bed time. The following are a few natural sleep remedies you may want to consider as well. You will fall asleep faster and sleep longer if you add a drop of lavender oil to your pillow at night. If you are looking to calm yourself and increase better sleep, try drinking a cup of chamomile tea. You may also be able to achieve a better night’s sleep with Chinese medicine and acupuncture. To do this you may want to consider contacting an herbalist or naturopath to create a plan. Creating a relaxing environment may be another thing that you may need to do. Declutter your bedroom area. Without the clutter, you will find that your mind becomes free. Remove televisions and electronics. Use another room for using these items. Pick a temperature that is best for sleep. Make sure to wear comfortable clothing as well. Keep your room dark and quiet. Also consider purchasing a sleep make or earplugs. Relaxation techniques can also be a sleep aid. You may want to try meditation. You can do this in your bed and allow your mind to unwind. Also look into yoga. Yoga allows focus on simple breathing techniques and light stretching. Get a good relaxation CD to listen to. It can have the sounds of storms, waves and various other noises. It is very important that you get good sleep. Use the natural sleep methods mentioned to get the best sleep possible and wake up feeling revived. If you would like more info about these or other natural sleep aids, go here.

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