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The Most Important Supplements for Athletes Today, sports supplements have seen a rapid increase in popularity due to extensive marketing and promotion. Nevertheless, not really all of them can attest to their effectiveness in helping athletes increase and improve their performances. Well in fact, the sheer number of supplements available today can confuse you more than help you because you will have a hard time choosing which among them works wonders for you. This article will help an athlete like you determine which primary supplements are the most essential for a better performance. 1 – Omega 3 Fatty Acids
A Quick Rundown of Products
The reason why this is on top because it is by far one of the most popularly used supplements used by athletes. It is actually found in fish oil. When fish oil is consumed in sufficient amount, it provides maximum benefits when it comes to supplements. The known and proven benefits are improved cardiovascular function and lipid profiles, improved brain function as well as mental acuity, and remarkable anti-inflammatory properties.
The Ultimate Guide to Supplements
2 – B-Vitamins The best reason why athletes should take B-vitamin supplements is because it helps in increasing energy production. They also are proven to help in detoxification, which in turn is needed after performing rigorous exercise. As an athlete, your job of working out your body leads to the building and repairing of muscles, which in reality depletes the B-vitamins, causing your body to need more of it through taking in supplements. 3 – Magnesium Supplements Every athlete like you must put magnesium as one of the three most important supplements to take. The reason is that it is an essential element in biological systems, which most athletes are probably deficient. Magnesium is something an athlete desperately needs because it regulates hearth rhythm and helps in allowing the muscles to relax and contract ideally. Likewise, it helps in reducing blood pressure and is essential for the production of ATP, which by the way is the main source of energy for the cells. 4 – Vitamin D Most nutrition and diet experts agree that Vitamin D is more like a hormone instead of a drug or medicine. While the body naturally produces is when exposed to sunlight, majority of us are not able to produce enough of it. Athletes will definitely need vitamin D because it helps them improve their respiratory health by keeping viruses and infections at bay, reduces inflammation, and helps the brain produce and release melatonin for sufficient sleep hours. 5 – Protein Supplements Last on this list is protein. It is advised that protein supplements must be taken within 10 minutes of workout or exercise. By doing so, there will be a significant reduction of stress hormones released by the body. However, it has to be taken in moderation because too much of it in the body leads to an increase in acidity levels.

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