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What Is Senior Care? Professional plan of care can provide significant benefits to seniors who have opted to get the services of private care agency or a caregiver in providing the basic necessities as well as other care services. Senior care plan is intended to guide the caregivers in maintaining consistent routine and include all necessary activities for healthy aging. Senior care plan should provide list of all medications, medical doctors, medical conditions, pharmacies as well as other care providers of the senior. All of the senior’s lifestyle activities ought to be listed and even the time when they eat meals, the time when they take their medications as well as other mental and physical activities. The information should also include the following: Nutrition – this is about the food prepared and the meals to be eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner, fluid intake and the number of glasses of water they take.
A Quick Overlook of Services – Your Cheatsheet
Hygiene and health – some of the things that are included in here are bathroom visits, showers, hair care, dressing, transfer from bed to the chair, nail care, skin care, dental care, exercise routines and other related activities.
How to Achieve Maximum Success with Services
Vital signs and daily routine – this usually consist of the wake up time, nap time, bedtime, weight, doctor appointments and blood pressure of patient. Mental and physical activities – this is basically monitoring the patient’s exercise routines, physical therapy routine, reading newspapers, books, magazines, mental exercise games and so on. Household cleaning – cleaning the kitchen, doing the laundry, cleaning the bathroom, sorting mails, changing bed linens, sweeping the flooring, running errands, pet care, vacuuming and dusting the rooms are also part of care plan for the patient. Seniors must also ask their doctors if there are activities that they like to track to be able to monitor the progression of their medications or any symptoms of their medical condition. The doctors were able to measure better the impact of both activities and medications the patient is doing and taking by monitoring their day to day routines similar to the time of their sleep, when they eat, what exercises they do and so forth. This at times contributed to better diagnosis as well as slowing the progression of age related diseases. It is a that you keep daily log of the daily activities of the patient. You can make a journal that contains all care plan and take this with you when having appointments with your doctor. The care plan could be a great resource too for the healthcare professionals to use especially in cases of emergency.

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