Pure Water Central Launches New Blog On How To Live A Healthier Lifestyle

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(Chandler, AZ)—Statistics show that nearly 85 percent of American households have to deal with hard water on some level. In addition, The EPA reported in 2009 that people in the U.S. could no longer take clean drinking water for granted, stating that threats to drinking water have been increasing.

It is with these statistics and warnings in mind that Pure Water Central has launched a new blog that shows people how to live a healthier lifestyle with cleaner, safer, and better drinking water. The blog is quickly growing into a go-to resource for those seeking education about hard water and water contamination and what they can do to avoid either of these problems in their household.

Craig Hill, a member of the Pure Water Central Team, stated “Having access to water that is both soft and clean is so important to people’s health and their overall well-being. Hard water can exacerbate problems with the skin and hair and cause premature damage to appliances and clothing. Water that hasn’t been properly filtered can cause serious illness in people who drink it. We started this blog to educate people on the dangers of having poor-quality water flowing into their homes and to show them what water softeners and purification systems are available to help them avoid this situation both now and in the future.”

The Pure Water Central website provides in-depth reviews and guides on a number of different types of water softeners and filtration systems. For example, there are posts that help people understand the process of reverse osmosis and how it can work to remove harmful minerals from the household’s water. In addition the site addresses other water purification methods like pitchers, activated carbon water filters, and even faucet filters. The writers explain the basics of each method, list the pros and cons of each, and help consumers select the one that’s right for their particular household and situation.

As Hill continues, “Water purification is a huge issue both in the U.S. and around the world. We want Pure Water Central to be of assistance to those who want to stay healthy and keep high-quality water coming into their homes. It is our hope that the information and recommendations that we provide can help people achieve those goals for themselves and their families.”

Those who would like to learn more about the importance of water purification and get further education on how to improve the water quality in their home should visit www.purewatercentral.com.

About Pure Water Central:

Pure Water Central is a premier source of information for everything related to water purification and a healthy lifestyle. The blog continually provides in-depth reviews, buyer’s guides, and lots of tips and tricks on how to live better drinking high-quality purified water.

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