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Lower Back Pain Treatment Through Inversion Tables Are you one of those who have been dealing with back pain for years? Pain in the back that is either recurring or has been constant, means that the affected person has tried so many treatments and was not successful at finding an effective one. There are different methods to choose form today and some of which are pain medications, surgery, massage therapy and chiropractic techniques among many others. Have you ever heard of inversion therapy? How can this be defined? This is a natural form of therapy that stretches the back – in the process, it decompresses the disks and also lengthens the spine. For most of the people who have tried this, their testimonies have been the same – the effects are amazing and relief is definitely felt. The spine is said to contain fluids that needs to be released – by decompressing the spine, inversion therapy is able to do this. With the fluid stuck in the spine, there will be inflammation which is the major cause of the back pain to begin with. Together with pain, the spine also loses alignment. An inversion therapy as the name says it, works by the inverted position that the patient is made to do – he or she will be hung upside down to begin with. The expert practitioners also use very specific angles when positioning the patients. Besides relieving back pain, are there more health benefits from this particular treatment? This can also help patients who are suffering from scoliosis, muscular spasms and sciatica to mention a few. The best thing about it is the fact that it only makes use of “gravity” to get relief. With the support an inversion chair or table, the treatment can be started.
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Can everyone use the inversion table and is it recommended for anyone who has back pain? The exceptions are for patients with eye conditions such as glaucoma, heart disease and blood pressure. An individual trying out the treatment for the first time should not be quick to making decisions; rather, a consultation with the doctors is ideal. This may be one of those times when a patient should bring someone he or she trusts during the duration of the inversion therapy.
Practical and Helpful Tips: Resources
The level of relief or changes experienced after being hung from an upside down position, is not always the same for one patient to another. This means that there can either be short-term or long-term relief and effect, experienced by different individuals and patients. Every person has a different level of back pain or may have experienced it for a longer time than others – these are just some of the factors that lead to the difference in results as well.

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