Questions About Workouts You Must Know the Answers To">Questions About Workouts You Must Know the Answers To

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Exercise Tips for Knee Pain Prevention

Whether you are old or young, active or inactive, at some point in your life you will feel knee pains. The knee pain has varying symptoms and degree of pain, and one thing is sure , it is disturbing for the person. The good news on the other hand regarding this inevitable experience of knee pain is that there are exercises to prevent it from happening, and to minimize the pain. There are many exercises to help prevent injury and pain of the knee even though the causes of it are different. Knee exercises are helpful to person who have experienced knee pain, or those experiencing it now.

Protecting the muscle on the knee is a top consideration to avoid knee injury and pain . By strengthening the muscle on the knee, it will be better prepared to support the knee and absorbs the shock that could cause the injury.

The simple exercise of lying down and doing the straight leg raising helps strengthen the quadriceps muscle. Performing the same exercise, but this time adding weights, is the next step once you are comfortable with the exercise.

Another way to prevent knee injury and pain is to exercise your calf muscles before doing active or even simple exercise.

Performing the half-kneel hip and quad stretch is a great way to stretch those hip and quad muscles.

Doing the wall hamstring exercise or stretching is a great way to prevent the knee pain, and a reminder for people not to take for granted the hamstring muscles.

A good exercise to prevent knee pain is termed partial squats, where using a chair, you lower your body to the chair, and all the while keep your abdomen tight and knees behind your toes.

Side- lying leg lifts is another form of exercise wherein you lie on your side, put ankle weights above the knee, and do the raise ups for a few counts, and repeat on the other side lying down. Preventing and relieving knee injury and pain can also be achieved by performing the step-up and calf raising exercises.

Knee pain or injury can be avoided by bearing in mind to have a healthy normal body weight. When are overweight, you are putting strain on your knees. Wearing comfortable and good quality shoes can give plenty of support on your knee.

Low-impact exercises like swimming or rowing, are recommended to avoid knee injury or pain. There should be a continuous exercise regimen to maintain muscle strength. And if you continuously exercise, do not change suddenly the intensity of your exercise.

Physical therapy is a solution for a person to undergo if he is already injured. Physical therapists are professionals who can give guidelines on the best exercises to undergo for those with injured knees.

Stretching and strengthening are the two key words to remember in maintaining a knee injury or pain free.

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