Local Team Introduces Ancient Art of Reflexology to Athens Area Residents

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(Athens, Georgia)– Reports from the American Medical Association point to stress as a primary contributing factor in 85 percent of illnesses. As health care costs soar and society’s trust in pharmaceuticals wanes, many are turning to alternative medicine for relief. Over the last decade, reflexology has emerged as a front runner in this field; in fact, studies recently conducted by a Chinese research team indicated 90 percent of participants receiving this treatment felt some level of remission with 40 percent experiencing complete healing. Aside from the proven physical and emotional benefits, people are increasingly drawn to the relaxing effects of modern combinations of reflexology with traditional spa treatments.

This comes as no surprise to Foot Palace managing partner and spokesperson Jinx Ditthavong who introduced this ancient technique to residents of the Athens area in November of last year. Located in the Kroger Shopping Center off Epps Bridge Parkway, the newly opened reflexology day spa was strategically placed for locals’ convenience and offers ready access from highway 316 for those passing through the area. Specializing in foot reflexology, the company additionally provides reflexology massage services for the head, face, neck, arms and hands as well as a variety of spa service upgrade treatments, all of which can be scheduled at

“Our signature reflexology service is a one hour session for $35, and this is not an introductory rate; it’s our permanent price as a courtesy to our customers,” Ditthavong expounded, “We also extend a number of other offers, including our weekly Industry Monday promotion in which anyone whose profession requires them to be on their feet all day will receive our signature service at a discounted price. We’re committed to using only certified organic plant-based products containing no parabens, petroleum, artificial colors or synthetic fragrances and not tested on animals.”

Among the issues stemming from stress are irritability, depression, varying levels of aches and pains, sleeping and eating disorders as well as lack of concentration. Reflexology is designed to target pressure points on the body, thereby relieving emotional stress as well as those ailments. The techniques involved likewise bring about a sense of overall relaxation, which the team at Foot Palace strives to enhance. Services meant to increase this effect include soothing mineral foot soaks, hot stone treatments and aromatherapy to name a few.

Carrying the slogan “Let us soothe your soles”, Foot Palace is an independent establishment locally owned and operated by a team of three partners: Athens native Park Harris who is a master electrician and avid dog lover as well as sibling duo Von and Jinx Ditthavong, both residents of Oconee County for 25 years. Von is the mother of an up-and-coming North Oconee High School freshman and an active member of the community, currently volunteering as a mentor to middle and high school girls. Jinx is the face of the company and acquired his reflexology certification from the Academy of Radiant Health in Atlanta.

Ditthavong concluded, “We’re proud to bring this affordable alternative form of health care to the Athens area, and we network with local businesses and doctors to provide the highest level of treatment to our clients. We offer services for men and women alike as well as group events and couples. Everyone can reap the stress-relieving and healing benefits of our treatments, and we encourage anyone interested to read our blog for more information and schedule an appointment to let us re-balance their bodies from the inside out.”

About Foot Palace:

The Foot Palace team provides tried and true ancient healing techniques in a professional and relaxing atmosphere.

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