Its better to be safe than sorry – Get your skin checked for Cancer at Sydney City Medical Centre

parašė , 2015-01-19 10:25

It is surprising that although skin cancer is the leading types of cancer Australians as diagnoses with there are still so many of us with a carless attitude towards it. Reports have indicated that two in three Australians will be hit by skin cancer at some point in their life by the time they are 70.

A lot of people have the opinion of skin cancer being just a skin disease that is not serious that can be easily treated. However the fact remains that if skin cancer is not diagnosed early through periodic skin cancer checks, it can prove to be very difficult to treat and can even be deadly.

Symptoms of skin cancer include lightly pigmented skin, an increase in the number of moles, pre-cancerous lesions and a depressed immune system. If you suspect that you have developed any of these symptoms, you should book yourself in for a skin cancer check immediately.

Skin cancer can be detected at an early stage and it can be cured if you get the right skin cancer treatment such as mole removals. While there are many skin cancer clinics in Sydney that can provide you with skin cancer checks and skin cancer treatments, few can match the world class facilities and services at Sydney City Medical Centre. The clinic has arguably the best skin cancer specialists in the Sydney central business district who have years of experience under their belts and use the latest medical diagnostic equipment to run melanoma checks.

All their specialists have the skills and modern facilities to detect and treat the two main kinds of skin cancer – non-melanoma and melanoma. Non-melanoma is the most treatable kind of skin cancer and it can be cured if detected early. The most dangerous type of skin cancer is melanoma and its symptoms are the most difficult to spot. If you develop skin lesions or dark areas under your nails, you should get a melanoma check immediately. Diagnosis can only be done by biopsy to remove the entire lesion and the dermatologists at Sydney City Medical’s skin cancer clinic are able to carry out the procedures in-house for your convenience.

Skin checks in Sydney can prove to be costly but Sydney City Medical offers the convenience of bulk billing for skin cancer consultation and checks. However you may need to pay for some procedures, such as biopsies and minor surgeries such as mole removal. Nevertheless, the clinic guarantees one of the lowest prices for skin cancer treatments in the city so don’t wait till it’s too late to have your skin checked. It may just save your life.

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