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The Exciting Game of Golf Modern sports have a lot of eyes on them all over the world. Of these sports that have a lot of attention is golf, and it is growing at an incredible pace. There are many different aspects of golf, which is the main reason that is has become so popular. For every single shot in golf, there is a number of different factors that need to be considered such as angle of approach, wind speed, club selection, etc. All of these different factors is what has made golf a game of versatility and intrigued all of its followers and newcomers for decades. Many people may see this golf game as boring to watch, but like any event it is much more exciting at the venue, and it is this factor that is drawing young and new talent to the sport. This specific factors and components are all reasons why this sport is becoming more popular throughout the years. In this day and age there are so many days that are spent completely inside. This is due to the way the workforce currently operates most of the days indoors. This is the reason that many people vacation to locations where they can go and spend a lot of time outside enjoying the weather or terrain. In between these two extremes is the game of golf that allows individuals to spend time outside in a fun way without requiring the individual to have to take time off for a vacation. The weekend is the optimum time for people to be able to spend time outside, and is this period when taking the time to play golf is the best. What is so great about golf is the fact that it is a very relaxing sport while also being incredibly comfortable because you get to play against your friends or others while also being able to spend most of the time in a comfortable little golf cart. Different from most other sports is the fact that golf players are able to consume certain beverages such as beer and eat things like hot dogs while playing the game, it is an absolute game of fun and comfort.
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Besides the things that make golf very unique is a number of factors that make golf a game that is very fun as well. For example, the way golf is played is fun in itself.
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The first shot that is taken is off of a tee box that allows you a lot of room for error. This allows the everyday golfer to be able to score well. Where the ball lands off of the tee box is the fairway and fun fairways are a major part of the golf game that many enjoy.

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