Chicago Liposuction Specialty Clinic Introduces Minimally Invasive Water Lipo">Chicago Liposuction Specialty Clinic Introduces Minimally Invasive Water Lipo

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(Schaumberg, IL)– According to recent studies, an estimated 50 million Americans go on a diet each year. Experts say many of these people will lose most of the weight but often will struggle with the last few pounds that don’t seem to respond as well to diet and exercise.

In the past, liposuction has been the procedure many people turned to when the last few pounds just won’t go away. In 2014, 210,552 liposuction procedures were carried out, making it the third most performed cosmetic surgical procedure. Liposuction can, however, have a high risk of complications, lead to significant amounts of bleeding, and include a significant amount of pain during the recovery period. 

The Chicago Liposuction Specialty Clinic offers a different solution for those who are trying to lose those last few stubborn pounds. Instead of a traditional liposuction treatment, the company has introduced a water lipo treatment that is minimally-invasive and safer.

Monica Alexander, spokesperson for the Chicago Liposuction Specialty Clinic, stated, “We use the latest technology for a liposuction treatment that is permanent and less traumatic on a person’s body. This treatment is only available at our facility and is used to gently wash the fat away from a person’s body.”

The water lipo treatment can be done under local anesthesia instead of the general anesthesia required by traditional liposuction, limiting the overall medical risk and the discomfort a person feels after a liposuction. A person will typically only need the procedure done once on each location to ensure lasting results.

The sessions typically last up to two hours, and the person will not have to worry about any downtime after the procedure. During this procedure, a gentle stream of water is used to dislodge the fat which is then removed from the body. The incisions used are as small as possible and do not cause scarring.

For many people, water liposuction offers a variety of benefits not seen with other procedures. Unlike traditional liposuction, there is no sagging skin left after the procedure. The fat cells are not damaged during the procedure, just removed, enabling them to be replaced in a different part of the person’s body. The procedure is also less expensive than traditional liposuction and many people report far better results. 

“We help many people get the body they want,” stated Alexander. “Many people can even return to normal activities the afternoon after the procedure though we do recommend they take a little bit of time off to relax and just enjoy their new look.” The company offers a free consultation to find out more about this procedure.

About Chicago Liposuction Specialty Clinic:

The Chicago Liposuction Specialty Clinic focuses on providing the cosmetic treatments people need with the least amount of invasion necessary and with the lowest costs possible. In addition to the water liposuction treatments, the company offers breast augmentation, tummy tucks, cellulite removal and more. The company strives to use the safest techniques to obtain the best results with the least amount of downtime for their patients. The Chicago Liposuction Specialty Clinic offers free consultations for those who are interested in their services. 

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