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Drug Testing and the Most Frequently Asked Questions The term drug testing has in fact another term which is called or termed as the alcohol and drug screening. A test like this is done in order to be able to have a trace of any ingested drugs in the human body no matter what amount it may be. A test like this is basically done with the use of the person’s urine sample, blood, hair or saliva. In today’s time, there is now no need for an individual to go to a special laboratory just to undergo a drug test. An individual can now conduct his own drug test in his home or work place and for a cheaper price. There is no need to worry about the results simply because you will still get the same accurate results. Home drug testing is something new which means that there are questions that people ask and below, these most often asked questions are found. Do home drug testing kits come in different kinds? When it comes to home drug testing kits, there are three major kinds. These various kinds of home drug testing kits come in the form of urine, saliva and hair. The saliva test as a matter of fact is to be considered the least intrusive because a cotton swab is placed inside the mouth. In order to be able to get the results of a hair follicle test, what the person needs to do is to make sure that a clump of hair is plucked – including the roots. Even the farthest drug use can be traced by a hair follicle test but the drawback is the results because there is a need to wait for a long time. The most common of the three is the urine test wherein after five minutes you will be able to get your result and is the cheapest, too.
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There are drugs that are mostly used or abused by young adults and teenagers and these are the prescription pills, cocaine and marijuana. The adults on the other hand abused different kinds of drugs such as those that are opiate based narcotics such as morphine and heroine and methamphetamines and cocaine. The option as to what screening option to take will vary based on the substances. It will vary because it can use 5-panel kits that will be able to detect the five most often abused drugs to a single drug test kits. What is the definition of a false positive? If a user is trying to hide or cheat their use of drugs when conducting a home urine drug test then that is a false positive. What these drug addicts do is that they either drinks lots of water or fool the urinalysis by ingesting outside chemicals that have been designed to do so.

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