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What Aloe Vera Does For You Aloe vera is a very popular plant wherever you are in the world. Using a leaf by squeezing it onto a burned skin or a minor wound will help speed up the process of healing. But other than healing wounds faster, aloe vera also has so many benefits you will certainly be interested, too. 1 – You can use it to remove makeup more effectively. We admit there are hundreds of makeup removing products out there. The problem is they contain a lot of harsh and sometimes toxic chemicals that can take a toll on your skin. Instead of those makeup removers, you can instead use pure aloe gel and put in on a cotton ball.
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2 – Use it as face wash, too.
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For this specific use, mix a tablespoon of aloe vera gel with a teaspoon of almond milk, and a teaspoon of lemon. Wash your face and then let the solution sit on your face for several minutes before rinsing. And because there are antibacterial properties, aloe vera is pretty ideal for sensitive skin. 3 – It is a good substitute to artificial exfoliators. You’re probably one of the many people out there who doesn’t like to do exfoliation, but it still is an essential part of grooming. In order for you to get that fresher and glowing skin, you can go ahead and use aloe as the base in making a homemade scrub. It is the one that supplies more oxygen to the skin, allowing to become softer. By strengthening the tissues, it’ll make the skin vibrant, too. 4 – It helps solve bad breath problems. If bad breath strikes, all you have to do is make a solution of 1/4 cup of pure aloe and 1/2 cup of either water or apple juice. There’s an anti-inflammatory compound present in it called B-sitosterol that helps in soothing acid indigestion. But be extra careful not to swallow a substantial amount because it can cause a laxative effect. 5 – You can even use it as an eyebrow gel. Although we all desire a strong brow, tidiness is still key. You go grab a clean mascara wand and dip it on an aloe vera gel. You simply sweep over stray brows to have that serious stay put power but without the usual stickiness or risk of getting hard. 6 – It’s a convenient shaving cream. You really can’t dispute the fact that aloe is the perfect shaving cream. It is a natural skin moisturizer, slippery, and antibacterial. Those three qualities are what you should look for in a shaving cream. So there’s really no point in looking for something else. That’s it – the different uses and benefits of aloe vera for your skin and health. With aloe vera, you can never go wrong with a natural way of improving your skin and your health in general.

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