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A Guide To Hockey Equipment Hockey has been played for a really long time. It started out as a stick and ball game like so many other sports we are familiar with today. Because hockey is a full contact sport it can get really rough at times. That is why personal protection on the ice is taken very seriously. It can get really expensive especially if you are just starting out though. This is one reason why many people are shy about getting into hockey. Here are some ideas on what kind of gear you will need. Ice skates are obviously a must if you want to participate in ice hockey. Almost any kind of ice skate will do for causal ice hockey.Most ice skates are good enough to use for hockey. You are going to need ice hockey ice skates though if you plan on joining a league or playing competitively. Hockey ice skates help support your ankles and can give you more support for the rough play involved in hockey. Your ankles is more likely to get sprained if you have skates that are too large for you. A lot of pain and blistering will occur if you wear skates that are too small. Skates that fit right are important because there is not much time to get off your feet and rest in hockey. A good helmet is also going to be needed. Making sure you get a helmet that fits you is important because you do not want it coming off if you get hit or get knocked down. If you do not wear a helmet while playing hockey you are likely to end up with a concussion. Most ice that hockey is played on is harder than concrete. Some serious damage can be done if you hit your head on it without a helmet.
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There is also additional padding you are going to want to look into getting. There is protective equipment to cover it all from shins to shoulders. You should plan on getting hit when playing hockey and these pads and protective gear can help cushen a lot of the damage. You are going to want to be able to take a hit and keep on playing which this kind of padding can really help out with. Like everything else make sure that your padding fits you correctly. You will not be able to move around well at all if it is too big or too small.
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All protection aside you are going to need a hockey stick as well. You can usually start out by borrowing someone’s stick when you are just starting out. This is how you will be able to find the right kind of stick for you.

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