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How Does Energy Medicine Work? Different cultures of the world has been using energy medicine since the ancient days. Spiritual healers in this countries use some form of energy for treating ailments and disorders, and they have been successful in this practice. Some have called it the healing touch. In different countries of the world, there is some form of energy medicine. In the world today, there are a lot of health hazards that we are exposed to. The demand for medication has increased in recent years because of the increase in diseases people contract. The solution created by different pharmaceutical companies is to formulate new drugs and medicines for the problem of disease. But nobody has sought the aid of energy medicine in these problems. Energy medicine has been there for centuries, but modern world has ignored its importance. The basic belief in energy medicine is that when the forces within our bodies are hindered, then the body becomes sick. These energy waves, as the forces are called, has a natural flow in its frequency and should not be disturbed if the body is to be healthy. If something blocks the energy waves and the wave frequencies are altered then the body becomes ill.
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There are many factors these days that hinder by natural flow of energy in our bodies and these are toxins that enter our bodies through the food that we eat, breathing polluted air in the environment and other factors that have the same effect. The result for the individual is sickness and different forms of medical illnesses. IN this situation, energy medicine can be used to bring back the flow of energy waves to its natural flow.
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One form of energy medicine calls for a person to gather energy from the universe and let it flow into another person’s body which is in need of healing. A channel is the person who gathers the universal energy to transfer to the person who is down with sickness. With the interaction between the channel and the patient, energy is transferred and is beneficial to both of them. Depending on the culture and civilization, forms and structures of energy medicine differ. Asians have practiced it widely and is still one of the primary methods of curing ailments despite advancements in modern medicine. This type of energy medicine is also practiced among American Indians where they have spirit guides. They believe that spirits can cure ailments through its energy. In many countries of the world you still see this kind of spirituality. This energy medicine has become popular because they are the types that do not enter the body like drugs and substances do. It is a form of an all-natural treatment. Nowadays this type of healing practice is becoming more and more popular among people.

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