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The Ketogenic Diet Can Help You Lose Weight There are lots of diets that you can find and a lot of people have that radical behavior or they have extreme diets without getting to know the consequences that these can have on their bodies physiologically and biologically. Fasting was a popular method practiced for beliefs in purity as well as abstinence but this kind of practice was refined when people become more aware of the biological processes at play. It was found out that fasting can still produce the same results of the carbohydrate free diet and when you restrict the carbs in your diet then you will be able to achieve fast weight loss. This diet is called the ketogenic diet and it is named this way since abstaining from carbs can produce ketones from the liver and this can help the body to process the fats to make it the primary source of energy instead of glucose. It is by burning glucose that the body is able to get energy. Glucose is obtained from carbohydrates and if there is an excess in glucose, this will be stored in the muscles as well as the liver in the form of glycogen. The excess glucose that is remained after such process would then be converted to fat. What this means is that if you get rid of fat from your diet, then you don’t have to access glucose anymore and the body would be forced to burn through glycogen reserves and the fat would then be oxidized. This is fine actually but you must know that there are tissues in the body that would only be sustained by glucose. What would happen then is the production of ketone. The production of ketones permit the tissues to replace the ketones for glucose and you can survive even if you don’t consume carbohydrates. If you consume less than 100 grams of protein then this can trigger the process and this will then result to a diet which is based on fat and protein and this burns fat for energy. It is essential that there is proper management when you choose this diet. The production of ketone may have a consequence on the body’s hormonal levels and this is utilized for the regulation of the movement of glucose in the bloodstream like insulin. This is why there are lots of individuals who feel exhausted when they go for this diet.
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You must be sure that this is safe for you if you like to lose weight. You can get the help of the dietitian or a nutritionist so that you will be able to lose weight in a safe manner. Before you choose a diet, then you have to know more about it and also the effects that it may bring to the body.Doing Tips The Right Way

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