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Reasons Why Need Xylitol for Your Oral Health Prevention of toothache is probably the best way avoid recurring decay of tooth which usually ends up with one removing the infected tooth. This is often quite a relief until another tooth starts aching again and you may just end up toothless and a highly infected mouth. To help you save your dental structure from imminent extinction I suggest you read on about xylitol, an organic natural sweetener mostly found in vegetables and fruits. They can however also be found available in your local store in the form of mint gums, mouth wash and even toothpastes. Bacteria in the mouth are the main cause of tooth decay. They usually multiply and become stronger after feeding on ordinary sugar and starch found in the food we partake. They then increase in number and start to produce acids that erode the enamel hence tooth decay. Unlike these other sugars which have six carbon atoms, xylitol has only five. This can be prevented by xylitol because unlike the others sugars and starch found in food, they are made up of five carbon atoms that are strongly bound together. This therefore means that the bacteria are unable to reproduce since there is no foods for them to feed on meaning no acids are produced and their numbers are greatly reduced for that matter. Acid levels in the mouth usually shoot up as a result of consumption of too much sugar that is perfect ingredient for the multiplication of bacteria. Saliva found in the mouth is often the neutralizing factor in such instances but when a person consumes too much sugar, it becomes acidic. Using xylitol prevents this by having the acidic levels reduced and the PH balance at normal levels. This deprives the harmful bacteria of ample breeding grounds. This is essential in enabling the enamel to thrive and as the bacteria are unable to reproduce in alkaline conditions.
Doing Options The Right Way
Once the bacteria becomes a thing of the past, the xylitol takes charge in restructuring the tooth enamel by making it strong as it ensures that it receives essential minerals.
Doing Options The Right Way
Continuous use of xylitol enhances production of saliva in the mouth and flow thus efficient defense against bacteria enabling it to wash away food particles stuck in the mouth. This enables stuck food particles to be wash down and the saliva’s flow ensures the tooth are safe and nutritioned. It is therefore advisable to use xylitol on a regular basis to achieve great results. It could be from four to five times every single day. Since the natural ingredients may be hard to come by you could start by buying mouthwash and toothpaste that have oxylitol, then consider having oxylitol as your tea sweetener too. Then they could use it in place of common sugar to sweeten their tea and lastly chewing gums or mints that have xylitol mostly after taking meals rich in starch and sugars.

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