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A Survival Knife Guide for Emergency Preparedness Being prepared for disaster is vital because you really can never predict when danger will strike. The only sure way to get through any trouble is by being in possession of a survival knife. It is easy to forget the name of your best childhood friend, how your first kiss felt, or the name of your first lecturer in college, but one thing you sure can never forget is the feel of your first survival knife. A survival knife is not just a weapon, but as the name suggests, a knife that can help you out in so many emergencies. When it comes to emergencies, you can use the survival knife for digging, splitting wood, hunting, hammering and so forth.
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Get a standard survival knife that will easily serve any purpose and needs that may arise.
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Whenever you need to buy a survival knife, get a fixed one for moments that will call for emergency response, keeping in mind that any knife that has a joint presents a clear indication of weakness. Full tang knives are what you should go for when it comes to emergency preparedness, because this is the only way you can be sure the knife will serve every purpose right. With the full tang running down to the tip of the blade, it may be a little challenging to use the knife without a scale. Unlike the partial tang knives, full tang, is able to give a better and a firm grip due to their wide handles. Different survival knives have different tips, but to be on the safe side, always go for the sharp pointed ones. A sharp tip giving you the ability to quickly make your thrust, should it be in animal fur or thick clothing. The knife you get ought to be single-edged because there are many reasons for this including leverage. Survival knives come in different shapes including serrated and straight. The straight blades are better than the serrated ones, because they are easy to sharpen even with wild stones, unlike the serrated ones that will always need special sharpening tools. Although many people look at knife sheaths as less important features, always determines the usability of your knife. Ensure that the knife you buy has a hole that will help you get a lanyard through it. The sheath should likewise have a visible belt loop A survival knife that has a solid pommel is important, because emergencies are varied and many times you will need to use it. Some pommels are rounded, others hooked, which makes it difficult to hammer sharp objects. With this insight, you now have the liberty and power to choose what is right for you and your needs.

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